Arbonne Makeup


  • Introducing Arbonne Cosmetics – a collection of lightweight, benficial formulas for gorgeous skin, eyes and lips.

  •  It all begins with beautiful science.....

  • Optilight technology exclusive to Arbonne works in two ways: light is diffused to create a soft-focus effect, blurring imperfections so skin looks flawless from virtually every angle. Simultaneously, finely sized pigments allow skin to breathe, imparting a “light as air” feeling and promoting a healthy glow

Make up application $45.00

Express Manicure (30 min)/Basic Pedicure (60 min) & Make up application $100.00


Primer: is VOTED #1 above all other! Our best selling product globally! Contains Hydrolonic acid which is also promoted as the fountain of youth. It binds with the moisture in your skin to plump your skin and diminish fine lines and deep pores!  Creates the canvas for which to hold your foundation o tinted moisturizer

Perfecting Liquid Foundation: actually puts 60% moisture back into the skin! SPF 15 Comes in 15 colours. Has skin firming properties

Creme Concealer: masks imperfections, fine lines and puffiness, velvety formula dries to a powdery soft finish

Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer: SPF 15, natural looking coverage while retaining & maintaining optimal moisture balance


Natural Radiance Mineral Powder: SPF 15, 8 colours

Sheer Glow Highlighter: delivers an instant, soft glow, can be mixed with your foundation/moisturizer for all over dewing radiance, dotting and blending on cheeks, brow bone or clavicle for a customized highlight effect.

Lash Enhancer: strengthening and conditioning, promotes thicker, longer lashes

Eye Shadow: 20 great shades!

Mascara: Triple action – defines, lengthens and voluminzes, smudge resistant, won't leave your mascara on your massge therapists face cradle!

Lipsticks: Moisturizing & nourishing

Lip Polish – Superior shine and NOT sticky!!



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