Hot Stone Massage

stones1Basalt Stones from the Andes Mountains in South America are used in our hot stone massage. Basalt is formed as lava cools following volcanic eruption.

The application of heated stones to the body causes Vasodilation. This means that the blood vessels expand and dilate. As a result there will be an increase in metabolism as well as relaxation to the muscles and tissues.



Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  • Increases circulation
  • Improves lymphatic circulation
  • Decreases menstrual pain
  • Decreases joint pain
  • Decreases tension headaches
  • Promotes increased well being
  • Decreases sciatic pain
  • Promotes grounding due to high magnet field inherint in the stones.

Your choice of tropical infusions: Coconut, Frangipani, Pineapple, Orange Blossom, Coconut Milk & Honey orGuave (unscented is also available)

60 minute - $93.00
90 minute - $123.00

Cannot be performed if you are pregnant

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