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Basic Manicure

Our hands work so hard, give them a break in paradise!

includes- soak, scrub, nail work, moisturizing massage, your choice of polish

45 minute - $39.00

Club Card Available! 5 Basic Manicures $155     10 Basic Manicures $295

Beach House Manicure

A manicure that will give you heavenly heands! Nails are soaked in pure coconut milk with exotic nut oils to soften and hydrate.  A natural raw cane sugar rub exfoliates hands and lower arms.  A body butter is applied to hands to hydrate, nourish and smooth the skin.  Hands are then placed in warm mittens, and a lower arm massage is done with hydrating lotion

 60 minutes - $44.00

Club Card Available! 5 Beach House Manicures - $170    10 Beach House Manicures - $310

Express  Manicure

When your short on time and just want pretty nails.  Includes Soak, nail work and polish

20 minutes - $25.00

Gel(shellac) Manicure

Want your manicure to last longer...just ask for our OPI Gel Laquer

60 minute - $49.00 

Add Gel to Beach House or  Express Manicure $10.00

 Club Card Available! 5 Shellac Manicures - $190     10 Shellac Manicures - $350


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