Signature Pedicures

foot flower

Beach House Pedicure

Feet are soaked in a soothing and cleansing warm coconut milk soak followed by an exfoliation of raw cane sugar infused with exotic oils. After nails are cleaned up a coconut based lotion is massaged into lower legs and feet for deep relaxation.

60 minute - $49.00

Club Card Available! 5 Beach House Pedicures $190.00


 Pina Colada Pedicure

Treat your feet to an island holiday with this soothing ritual that will have them ready for the beach!

Warmed coconut milk softens the feet while the coconut aroma transports you off to a distant island paradise.

Organic cane sugar infused with exotic nut oils from Fiji are used to gently exfoliate. A vitamin rich butter is then applied to the feet and wrapped in warmth for the ultimate hydration. To conclude an application of warmed exotic oils are massaged into the lower legs to release tension and fatigue

75 minute - $54.00

Margarita Pedicure

this Deluxe pedicure includes Pure Fijis Coconut Lime Infusion & Parrafin

75 minute - $60.00

Club Card Available! 5 Pina Colada Pedicures $210.00 5 Margarita Pedicures $255.00

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